Students Shoot Documentary in Guatemala

With the support of Whole Planet Foundation, four US college students spent the summer of 2010 shooting a documentary in Guatemala to demonstrate the reality of living on less than one dollar a day. In order to gain this understanding, they conducted research on how the rural poor manage their money. In a creatively youthful way, they did their research by working alongside their neighbors, conducting interviews, and creating financial diaries, all the while subsisting on less than one dollar a day themselves. The goals of this film are twofold. First, to increase awareness about how access to reliable financial services, such as microfinance, can help the poor. Second, to raise $100,000 dollars for Grameen Guatemala and Fonkoze in Haiti, whose borrowers have been recently devastated by natural disasters:

        The documentary is set to be released on the first of April 2011. They are currently releasing short video blogs from the experience, one every Sunday on youtube for the coming months to give people a real sense of the project. If you are interested or would like to make a donation, please follow their story on their You Tube Channel – livingononedollar, or and read their blogs and show your support at

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