TDC Rules

Choose your level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Or, customize your own experience.

TDC Readings

Readings for the week of the challenge to get you involved in the national conversation on issues surrounding global poverty.

Code of Conduct

Prepare yourself for a journey of contrasts between your life within and outside the Challenge.

Sidekick Manifesto

Hang up your cape! We're not Heroes in the story of poverty's end. Take the Sidekick Pledge!

TDC Journal

Record your income, expenses, thoughts and reflections upon the TDC Readings and Film Festival.


Social Media Toolkit

Engage your network with shareable content and logos!



Participant's Manual

Get the details on how to take the challenge and get involved!


Code of Conduct

Review the Code of Conduct for all challenge participants.


TDC Rules

Choose your level and learn the rules!  Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.


Organizer's Manual

Learn everything you need to organize a community-level challenge!

Organizer's Checklist

A step-by-step list to keep you on schedule!

Instructor's Manual

The  how-to guide for integrating the Two Dollar Challenge into your classroom!

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