When it comes to inspiring action and gaining a better understanding of the lives of the poor, do you find your available options wanting?  Classroom lectures can only go so far in inspiring action. Studying abroad to witness poverty first hand is only accessible to those who can afford such an option (and is not always appropriate). The Two Dollar Challenge is an on-campus experience which provides an educational tool that is both effective and available to everyone, and you can fundraise for any cause you like. Whether your passion is access to health care, microfinance, or education you can fundraise for it.

Although it is a fundraiser, more importantly, it can create a passion.  The personal transformation and self-realization which the Two Dollar Challenge can start is amazing. Whether it is about the abundance of resources around us every day, or the mental and emotional trials created by the uncertainty of poverty, the experience shifts your perspective. You can learn more about launching the Two Dollar Challenge on your campus by reviewing the resources below:

1. Download our Campus Leader Sourcebook.
2. Download and share our Participant’s Manual with other students.
3. Review pictures and videos of past Two Dollar Challenge events and get a glimpse of what lies ahead for you and fellow participants.
4. Review our Checklist – a Step-by-Step Guide to get you ready for your Two Dollar Challenge
5. Feel free to use our Logos.

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