Getting Started

The Two Dollar Challenge is a unique and impactful experiential learning exercise. It has 3 Steps:

Step 1: Design your Two Dollar Challenge

Step 2: Choose a Non-Profit Partner (optional)

  • Select a non-profit partner that implements a development program that addresses your cause (e.g., education, microfinance, water, or HIV Aids), raise awareness and funds, and transfer all donations to your chosen non-profit partner.

Step 3: Read the Sidekick Manifesto and Pledge to be a Sidekick

  • In the story of poverty’s end, we cannot be heroes. But, we can be Sidekicks. Read the Sidekick Manifesto and learn how.


Already know you want to take on the Two Dollar Challenge?

 Email Shawn Humphrey at for a free half hour tutorial via phone or skype.

Need a bit more convincing? 

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