Not Sure What To Do This Summer? How About You Change the World?

The TDC team recently came across ThinkImpact. This is an organization that runs a curriculum-based eight-week full-immersion program that, in TDC’s opinion, focuses on all the right stuff! Scholars in the program truly learn about the community they work in, and then hold real conversations with community members about possible solutions. The Institute is based largely on values of empathy, curiosity and open-mindedness, and relies on strong cross-cultural relationships to unleash the potential for social innovation.

We were worried though, we found it just before the deadline for applications. However, ThinkImpact agreed to give an extension to TDC fans! Enter code TDC2012, and you have until March 4, 2012 to apply!

Experience the Innovation Institute from ThinkImpact on Vimeo.

You can go to and explore from there or jump straight to the FAQs on the program, and then apply!

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