HELP US Set the Standard for Conferences on Global Poverty

The 2012 Poverty Action Conference is this October.  Consistent with our values, we are planning the conference to have as little extra expense and environmental impact as possible.

Below is our initial brainstorming list.

1. We are asking attendees to bring a reusable coffee mug and water bottle

We will be providing beverages throughout the weekend but we will not be providing disposal drinking receptacles.

2. Attendees are asked to bring a sweater

In an effort to reduce our energy use, we will keep the rooms that we are using at a comfortable temperature, but not an excessively high temperature.

3. Attendees are asked to download all information that they need before they arrive on campus

We will not be printing copies of our programs; rather we will be hanging posters with the schedule around the campus. Our posters will be the most updated source of information.

4. In an effort to curb unnecessary driving and limit congestion and fuel use:

We will be providing on campus housing for student attendees. All alternative housing will be within walking distance of the conference.

We are looking into providing public transportation from regional airports to campus.  Attendees can use this time to network and collaborate.

5. Attendees are asked to bring their own nametag

In an effort to reduce expenditures of the conference, we are asking that you bring a nametag that you may have received from a previous conference (e.g. CGIU).

6. Our Catering will be as waste free as possible

We will be using the ‘no-frills’ catering package which does away with table linens and unnecessary add-ons. In addition, we will use non-disposable cutlery and dishes when possible. 

7. We are investigating the possibility of donating excess food to local food shelter.

This is just the beginning. What have we missed?  What else could we be doing?

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment.  Together we can set the standard for conferences on global poverty. Thanks.  – TDC Team

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