Are you a Student looking to get more out of a conference on Global Poverty?

2012 Poverty Action Conference

No need to look any longer.  TDC launches its 2012 Poverty Action Conference.  Here is a little something to get you motivated:

Let us guess what you have come to expect from other conferences on global poverty targeted at students:

  •  Keynotes Motivate
  • Experts Present their Projects
  • You attend, listen intently, ask questions, and network with experts (if you are lucky). 

At the Poverty Action Conference we do things a little differently: 

  • Keynotes still motivate (and we have some good ones!)

However, here is where we are different….

  • You Present Your Projects!
  • Experts attend, listen intently, ask questions and network with you (if they are lucky)!

WE ARE LOOKING FOR STUDENTS who are in the early stages of developing a program or have had experience executing a project abroad.

Learn More about the 2012 PAC


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