A Multi-Faceted Approach to Girls’ Education

Caitlyn Davis – a junior at Bennington College (VT) – will be presenting her project titled “MAS: Education, Leadership, and Community Development in Rural Guatemala”  at TDC’s upcoming 2012 Poverty Action Conference (www.povertyactionconference.org ).

Here is a sneak peek at Caitlyn’s project:

“Our initiative will support a cohort of girls from Chuitzurib’al to complete secondary school, primarily through financial scholarships. In addition to the financial assistance in continuing their education, we will be offering the girls a series of enrichment workshops pertaining to leadership, art, literacy, computation, and community development.”

If you are a student looking for an opportunity to present your work in the area of global development, we invite you to Register to Present at the 2012 Poverty Action Conference. The deadline is September 21.  See you in October?

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