2012 PAC Spotlight: Colleen Kreegan

This week we highlight student presenter Colleen Kreegan (New York University) and her project: Handmade Peace. Here is a peek at Colleen’s work:

“The budding NGO Handmade Peace, created in response to the fragility of sustainable peace in post-conflict nations, exacerbated by stagnant economic development. Immediately after a crisis, regions are inundated with aid and assistance; but as time wears on, so does that international attention. This creates vulnerable conditions, such as poverty and a state of dependency counteractive to sustainable peace and human security. Handmade Peace strives to help prevent reoccurring violence by investing in local business’ and entrepreneurs. Increasing earned income via imports and supporting growth initiatives set by the local leaders.”

Are you a student looking to present your work in global development? Register for the 2012 Poverty Action Conference.

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