Next Steps

You’ve taken the Two Dollar Challenge. Now what?


Poverty is about power, politics, and a system of rules that allows so few to capture so many of the benefits of economic growth. Poverty is human-made. And, it can be unmade by humans. That includes us. That is, if we choose to take up the task. But, this task is not the same task we been conditioned to believe it is. We will not end poverty by buying a pair of TOMS or inventing new gadgets for the developing world. Here’s what you can do…

  •  Become a “Local Leader Supporter”

Review the resources below from one of our favorite development bloggers Jennifer Lentfer (founder of How Matters) and read her post in our Sidekick Blog Series titled 5 Ways Outsiders Can Support Local Leaders.

The Barefoot Guides/Community Toolbox/Mobilisation Lab/Collective Action Toolkit/The DIY Toolkit

  • Go Abroad

Wait. What?! Yeah, we know. It sounds inconsistent with our message. But, here’s the thing. We are not asking you to stop visiting communities around the world. We are, however, asking you to do it in a more responsible manner. So, check out the programs below from two organizations that share our ethos and our values.


Go deeper and further in your process of learning about global poverty and international ‘development’ with Omprakash. Omprakash is a network of 160+ grassroots social impact organizations worldwide. Their goal is to make international volunteering more ethical, educational, and affordable. The Omprakash EdGE program provides you with the opportunity to undertake immersive international internships with Omprakash Partners while also engaging in a rigorous online learning program, through which you will earn a Certificate in Critically Informed International Development. Learn more here.

 Thinking Beyond Borders’ Social Impact Summer

You want to solve critical global issues. Knowing how to create social impact is an important first step. But, you also need the skills to build and lead an organization that achieves its mission with integrity. Thinking Beyond Borders’ Social Impact Summer is a unique internship abroad program that prepares you for a highly effective social justice career. Our programs provide a powerful mix of experiential and classroom learning focused entirely on creating meaningful change. This program is open to undergrads, recent college grads, and graduate students.