Some have argued that graduates of our education system cannot consider themselves educated if they do not have an understanding of how nearly half of the world’s population lives.  Given the set of tools with which to accomplish that objective – lectures, movies, readings, quotes from the poor – the Two Dollar Challenge is very effective.

The Two Dollar Challenge can be integrated into the courses of a number of disciplines – economics, business, geography, sociology, political science, engineering, and environmental science.  You can learn more about integrating the Two Dollar Challenge into your classroom by reviewing the following resources:

1.  Download our Instructor’s Guide.
2. Download and share our Participant’s Manual with your students.
3. Review pictures and videos of past Two Dollar Challenge events and get a glimpse of what lies ahead for you and fellow participants.
4. Review our Checklist – a Step-by-Step Guide to get you ready for your Two Dollar Challenge
5. Feel free to use our Logos.

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